Sketch of my Design Process


From a background in architecture, Karen works at the intersection of people, space and technology. Karen designs comprehensive experiences for spatial computing from interaction mechanics to UI layouts to system flows to user research to overall product strategy. Karen is forever interested in expanding the physical world through digital possibilities.

Previously, Karen was a Lead Interaction Designer at Magic Leap, where she led design for OS Input and Interactions on the Platform Design team. Karen led design teams to ship 4 platform apps on the first Magic Leap 1 wearable. These apps enable multiuser experiences, embodied communication and social presence in XR.

Karen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Karen has worked in architecture at different scales ranging from small residential projects to large commercial campuses. Her past clients include Heroku, Adobe, General Electric, Google and Dolby Laboratories.


Product Design
Interaction Design for AR / XR
Concept Design
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
User Research, User Testing
Project Management
3D Modeling
Architecture, Interiors Planning